Where to stay ?

There is a free camping site very near to the festival area.
In the region one can find bed & breakfasts and hotels in different price & comfort ranges.

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Food & Drink

Once again, a team of more or less fifty cooks will prepare lovely meals for the public of Roots & Roses. With some tasty novelties …

 The stand of South East Asia

Food as you could find in the streets of Phnom Penh or Bangkok:

 The stand « Indian food of Mauritius »

The Mauritian dishes are based on the Indian cuisine, even more refined and mixed with African and European influences.

 The Belgian stand. Charcuterie and Festival Traditionals.

Here you can find meals usually served on festivals, but also meals from Southern Italy and charcuterie. And of course, everything is prepared by our cooks in an artisan way. High quality is guaranteed.

 Sandwiches with:
 And also, for a snack:

Food/Drink tickets :

9 tickets for 10€

Soft drinks (water, juices) : 2 tickets

Pils Dupont, “Roses”, Belge : 2 tickets
Moinette (lager, dark) and Saison Dupont : 8€/bottle

Pommeau, wine (red, white, rosé) : 2 tickets
Trappistes : 3 €