Edition: 2023 - 1.5


Curated by De Casino De Casino in Sint-Niklaas and Roots & Roses have been working together for a long time. It’s the Belgian venue whose…

17 February 2023 | |

Neptunian Maximalism

After three years of activity under various banners, including the most recent ‘Neptunian Maximalism & its Supernova Arkestra’, the free/psychedelic/doom/drone combo is back to its…


The Cleopatras

The Cleopatras are a group of determined, tenacious, grating and ironic musicians. They deliver surf and punk garage rock that is full of self-mockery. It’s…


Ada Oda

Ada Oda is the current sensation in the south of the country. A bouncy music, on the border between Italian song and garage. Led by…


Fantastic Cat

Fantastic Cat is the reunion of four American songwriters in a super band. They will be one of the discoveries of Roots & Roses 2023….



Kadavar is a vintage hard rock band, deeply inspired by the great bands of the 70’s such as Led Zeppelin and especially Black Sabbath. Their…



The Swedish band Graveyard are more of a hard rock band. Their music is indeed an energetic blues rock, with an eye on the seventies…