Presale is finished on Sherpa.

Presale is finished on Sherpa. You can still buy on utick until Sunday midnight. On 1st of may you can still buy tickets at the… [+]

“Roots & Roses” by The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band makes it again with the song “Roots & Roses” Video directed by Jérôme Vandewattyne.      

Hot swing, early jazz & ragtime blues…

Here is the last name for the this 2017 edition which is already promising !
   His music is a modern soundtrack of 20’s-30’s. He… [+]

Who said rock’n roll is dead ?

Roots & Roses Festival gets every year the whole nine yards from our country and shows the contrary. The bomb comes this year from eastern… [+]

Music & movies

He dropped out of high school in his early teens, exploring the rich, deep blues tradition. Casted by filmmakers like Steve Buscemi and Sylvester Stallone,… [+]

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